While conducting research for the book, "Love 'Em or Lose 'Em", authors Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans identified a list of behaviors a boss can display that causes their people to leave. Here's your chance to vote on which of these "jerk-like" behaviors would make you walk right out the door!

Select the five (5) jerk behaviors (from the list below) that would make you leave your job. When you are finished, click on the "Next" button to see how other viewers have answered to date!



Condescends or demeans
Acts arrogant
Withholds praise
Slams doors, pounds the table when angry
Behaves rudely
Belittles people in front of others
Manages up, not down
Always looks out for number one
Gives only negative feedback
Yells at people
Acts above the rules
Enjoys making people sweat
Acts superior/smarter than everyone else
Shows disrespect
Acts sexist
Acts racist
Withholds critical information
Uses inappropriate humor
Blows up in meetings
Starts every sentence with 'I'
Steals credit or the spotlight from others
Blocks career moves (prevents promotion or holds onto 'stars')
Distrusts everyone
Shows favoritism
Humiliates and embarrasses others
Criticizes constantly (often at a personal level)
Overuses sarcasm
Deliberately ignores or isolates some people
Sets impossible goals or deadlines
Never accepts blame, lets others take the hit
Undermines authority
Shows lack of caring for people
Betrays trust or confidences
Gossips/spreads rumors
Acts as if others are stupid
Has 'sloppy moods' (when feeling down, takes it out on others)
Uses fear as a motivator
Shows revenge